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The 3rd Brazil School has taken place in 2008

3rd Brazil School
for Single Particle Cryo-EM

The 3rd Brazil School for Single Particle Cryo-EM is an intensive 12-day hands-on course for learning the processing of single-particle cryo-EM data from A to Z. The attendees can be those who are entirely new to the approach or those for whom the technique is of growing importance and who wish to acquire an in-depth understanding of the technique. The course covers all issues from data collection to the interpretation of cryo-EM maps and the fitting of known X-ray structures.

The conference site is located in the beautiful city of Paraty which, although in the tropics, has a pleasant weather where temperature ranges from 18C to 30C (64F - 80F) making it an all-season destination. Pousada Įguas de Paratii has optimal facilities for a school like this.